Aug 152017

Better Breathing Workshop Saturday, August 19, 2017* 10:00-12:00, $30 Check or cash   If you fear inflammatory diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), and want another tool to help your healthy body, try this. If you have high blood pressure and would like a tool to help situations that spark your stress, try this. If […]

Short video, Breathing Workshop & More

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Sep 292015

Happy fall! You’re someone who takes action for your health and quality of life. I admire that immensely, and feel very fortunate to help in all ways I can. I want to share with you some short, Do-It-Yourself reminders for your health on youtube–Breathing with Cynthia. Please let me know what you’d like on there.  5 Breaths […]

Why Better Breathing?

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Oct 282014

  Doing bodywork requires that I take good care of myself.  When I feel off center, I become less aware of subtle and profound connections between muscle and nervous system, between thought and tissue, between energetic flow and stagnation.  So, I take personal care and health very seriously. It is part of my job. It’s […]


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Sep 022014

How easily do you want blood cells to glide through your veins?  Do you want your sinuses to move pollen easily? Do you want to cushion your spine and brain? How easily do you want nutrient particles and waste to move into and out of your intestinal walls?   Imagine how difficult it is for your guts to […]

Better Breathing?

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Mar 132014

Here is an exercise from the Better Breathing Workshop for this Saturday, May 28, 2016.  Move your lower rib cage while you breathe.  Not the upper chest or the shoulders, but the lower rib cage.  Put your hands on your sides where you can feel your ribs.  Make them flare out as you inhale. They’ll […]