Better Breathing Workshop

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Mar 132014

Here is an exercise from the Better Breathing Workshop for this Saturday, May 28, 2016.  Move your lower rib cage while you breathe.  Not the upper chest or the shoulders, but the lower rib cage.  Put your hands on your sides where you can feel your ribs.  Make them flare out as you inhale. They’ll […]

Eat Grapefruit!

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Feb 232014

It’s grapefruit season NOW and it’s February.  When I was a kid growing up in the midwest, Mom would try to get us to eat grapefruit any time of the year since they are available year ’round in the grocery.  They tasted awful though, and we’d pile on white sugar in order to eat them. […]

Longevity and Eating Healthy Right Now

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Nov 062013

I was talking with a friend, whose lifestyle is very different from mine, about food choices.  He said he didn’t want to prolong his life by eating a healthier diet.  His Mother lived to be almost 90, and was very feeble in mind and body during her last ten years.  He thought an improved diet […]


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May 172013

When we try to lose weight, our bodies might slow metabolism at first in order to maintain the overweight homeostasis. It takes time for new behaviors to dive into corresponding processes inside the body, and then resurface in a visible health condition. New behavior takes effect through persistence and intensity so internal processes get the message: “I […]

Preparing for a Fallow Time

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Feb 042013

Hunker Down.  That’s what we do in winter.  When I’m in touch with the turning-in of winter, my focus changes.  Harvest of the growing season fills my cupboard with squash, potatoes, onions, and the last batch of chard. The body of the earth closes the doors, turns out the light, hops into bed and pulls […]