Aug 152017

Better Breathing Workshop

Saturday, August 19, 2017*

10:00-12:00, $30 Check or cash


If you fear inflammatory diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), and want another tool to help your healthy body, try this.

If you have high blood pressure and would like a tool to help situations that spark your stress, try this.

If respiration problems run in your family and you want to know respiration mechanics that help to avoid those problems, try this.


When I started using breathing practices, I couldn’t take a full deep breath for the life of me. I knew that something wasn’t working very well even though I didn’t have asthma or heart problems. I simply had an old habit of breathing shallowly. Now, in addition to helping my health, I use my breathing pattern as feedback for my stress response and it provides immense power to deal more effectively with events that get me off kilter. I feel grateful to share what I’ve learned and feel confident that you will benefit too.

*There is minimum and a maximum space for this workshop. Please register for advance information and to reserve space: or 812.272.8188.


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