Feb 142012

So what happens at night? That’s when our bodies get a chance to do some housekeeping. We aren’t putting food in. We aren’t balancing on those small feet. We aren’t attending to every sight, sound, and thought that arises. So the body gets to tend to the effects of what we’ve done during the day, it gets to clean up.

My usual schedule is an early evening meal (6:00 pm) and breakfast about 14 hours later (8:00 am). I love breakfast and eat according to my appetite and energy needs. You might say that my digestive system fasts between the evening meal and the first food in the morning. The earlier you eat in the evening, the longer the fast until break-fast. Continue reading »

Abundant Harvest or…

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Oct 112011

The wealth of real food available from our local farmers and gardens is our dazzling abundance this harvest season.

It’s easy to forget how good things are when fear is so addictive and compelling. Politics is hot around the world and here. More and more power is possible for us all if we’re willing to step up. That includes accepting the privilege and responsibility for our health. So what do we choose?

Can we handle the glitches that show up in our world without making our world about them? With what do we nourish our bodies, minds, and hearts?

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Thanks for Handling Your Stress

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Dec 032004

It’s easy to focus on how awful something or someone is. It is difficult, but much more effective to focus on your own habits.  These are your habits and you have complete control over them. They nurture you or stress you.

  • What you eat and drink
  • Who you hang out with
  • How you spend your time
  • What you read or watch on tv
  • Your attitude
  • Loving yourself

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